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WHAT THE HECK IS THIS ??? - This is the trash can for unidentified wasps and bees.
If you can help in making an identification please e-mail me.

Agaonidae Andrenidae Aphelinidae Apidae Argidae Bethylidae Braconidae Bradynobaenidae
Cephidae Ceraphronidae Chalcididae Chrysididae Cimbicidae Colletidae Crabronidae Cynipidae
Diapriidae Encyrtidae Eulophidae Eupelmidae Eurytomidae Evaniidae Figitidae Formicidae
Gasteruptiidae Halictidae Ichneumonidae Leucospidae Megachilidae Megalodontesidae Megaspilidae Melittidae
Mutillidae Ormyridae Perilampidae Platygastridae Pompilidae Proctotrupidae Pteromalidae Scelionidae
Scoliidae Siricidae Sphecidae Tenthredinidae Tiphiidae Torymidae Trichogrammatidae Vespidae

Families: Andrenidae and Halictidae

I can't tell the difference between them in photographs so I do wish you could help me to sort them out. Maybe some don't belong to either family.
Number one Number two Number three Number four
Number five Number six Number seven Number eight
Number nine Number ten Number eleven

Family: Apidae

Xylocopa pubescens ? The honey bee ? Anthophora ? ? Eucera sp.
Chalicodoma muraria ? The humble bumble ? Another Eucerid? ? Yet another?

Family: Argidae

An Argid?

Family: Braconidae

A Braconid

Family: Cephidae

A Cephid ? A Cephid ?

Family: Chrysididae

Chrysis sp.

Family: Colletidae

Hylaeus Another Colletid

Family: Crabronidae

Nomada sp?

Family: Evaniidae

Evania sp.

Family: Formicidae

Ant 1 Ant 2 Ant 3 Harvester Ant
Ant 5 Ant 6 Ant 7 Little fire Ant
Camponotus sp ? Ant 10

Family: Gasteruptiidae

Gasteruption sp.

Family: Halictidae

I'm lumping all these wasps together as being either Halictus or Lasioglossum with a question mark.
Species 1 Species 2 Species 3 Species 4
Species 5 Species 6

Family: Ichneumonidae


Family: Megachilidae

Osmia sp. ? ? ?

Family: Pompilidae

Hemipepsis brunnea Another Pompilid

Family: Sphecidae

Sceliphron spirifex Ammophila rubripes

Family: Vespidae

Vespa orientalis Polistes sp. Polistes nest Polistes nest
Don't know Perhaps Eumenes or Odynerus ? Perhaps Eumenes or Odynerus ?

Insects waiting to be identified

Unknown sp. Unknown sp. Unknown sp. Unknown sp.
Unknown sp. Unknown sp. Unknown sp. Unknown sp.
Unknown sp. Unknown sp. Unknown sp. Unknown sp.
Unknown sp. Unknown sp. Unknown sp. Unknown sp.