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WHAT THE HECK IS THIS ??? - This is the trash can for unidentified flies.
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Acroceridae Agromyzidae Anthomyiidae Anthomyzidae Asilidae Asteiidae Bibionidae Bolitophilidae
Bombyliidae Braulidae Calliphoridae Camillidae Carnidae Cecidomyiidae Ceratopogonidae Chamaemyiidae
Chaoboridae Chironomidae Chloropidae Chyromyidae Conopidae Cryptochetidae Culicidae Diadocidiidae
Dixidae Dolichopodidae Drosophilidae Empididae Ephydridae Fanniidae Heleomyzidae Hippoboscidae
Hybotidae Keroplatidae Lauxaniidae Limoniidae Lonchaeidae Micropezidae Milichiidae Muscidae
Mycetophilidae Mythicomyiidae Nemestrinidae Nycteribiidae Oestridae Opomyzidae Pediciidae Phoridae
Piophilidae Pipunculidae Playstomatidae Psilidae Psychodidae Rhinophoridae Sarcophagidae Scathophagidae
Scatopsidae Scenopinidae Sciaridae Sciomyzidae Sepsidae Simuliidae Sphaeroceridae Stratiomyidae
Streblidae Syrphidae Tabanidae Tachinidae Tephritidae Tethinidae Therevidae Tipulidae
Trichoceridae Trixoscelididae Ulidiidae Xenasteiidae

Family: Anthomyiidae

An Anthomiid ? An Anthomiid ? An Anthomiid ? An Anthomiid ?

Family: Asilidae

Asilid 1 Asilid 2 Asilid 3 Asilid 4
Asilid 5 Asilid 6

Family: Bibionidae

Bibio hortulans Bibionid ?

Family: Bombyliidae

Hemipenthes velutinus ? Bombylius sp Bombyliid Exoprosopa sp ?
Bombylius sp Bombylius sp Bombyliid Bombyliid
Bombylius sp Exoprosopa sp?

Family: Calliphoridae

Calliphora erythrocephala Lucilia serricata Chrysomya albiceps ?

Family: Ceratopogonidae

Culicoides imicola Culicoides distinctipennis Culicoides newsteadi Culicoides schultzei

Family: Chironomidae

A midge A midge A midge A midge

Family: Chloropidae

A Chloropid? A Chloropid? A Chloropid?

Family: Culicidae

Aedes caspius ? Another mosquito

Family: Dixidae

Dixus sp ?

Family: Drosophilidae

Drosophila sp. Drosophila sp. Drosophila sp. Zaprionus sp.

Family: Empididae

Empidid No.1 Empidid No.2 Empidid No.3

Family: Fanniidae

Fannia sp.

Family: Lonchaeidae

Silba adipata

Family: Milichiidae

Desmometopa sp.

Family: Muscidae

Musca sp. Stomoxys calcitrans

Family: Phoridae

A hump-backed Phorid

Family: Platystomatidae

A Platysomatid ? Perhaps

Family: Psychodidae

Clytocerus ocellaris ?

Family: Sarcophagidae

Sarcophaga sp.

Family: Sepsidae

Sepsis No. 1 Sepsis No. 2 Sepsis No. 3 Sepsis No. 4
Sepsis No. 5 Another Sepsid

Family: Sphaeroceridae

A Sphaerocerid ? A Sphaerocerid ? A Sphaerocerid ?

Family: Syrphidae

Dasysyrphus venustus Episyrphus balteatus Eristalis aenus ? Eristalis tenax
Eristalis taeniops Unidentified Unidentified Eupeodes corollae
Unidentified Syrphus ribesii ?? Syritta sp. Syritta sp.
Paragus sp Sphaerophoria scripta Merodon eques ? ?

Family: Tabanidae

Chrysops flavipes?

Family: Tachinidae

Tachinid No. 1 Tachinid No. 2 Tachinid No. 3 Tachinid No. 4
Tachinid No. 5 Tachinid No. 6 Tachinid No. 6

Family: Tephritidae

Ceratitis capitata Dacus oleae ? A Tephritid ?

Family: Therevidae

What is it ? What is it ?

Family: Tipulidae

Nephrotoma sp. Nephrotoma sp. Tipula No. 1 Nephrotoma sp.
Tipula No. 2 Tipula No. 3 Tipula No. 4 Tipula No. 5
Nephrotoma sp. A Tipula A small Nephrotoma A Nephrotoma


What is it? What is it? What is it? What is it?
What is it? What is it? What is it? What is it?
What is it? What is it? What is it? What is it?
What is it? What is it? What is it? What is it?
What is it? What is it? What is it? What is it?
What is it? What is it? What is it? What is it?